Chin.J.Chem.Eng. ›› 2013, Vol. 21 ›› Issue (8): 927-932.doi: 10.1016/S1004-9541(13)60557-1

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Synthesis of Toluene-2,4-Bisurea from 2,4-Toluene Diamine and Urea and the Reaction Kinetics

WANG Na, GENG Yanlou, AN Hualiang, ZHAO Xinqiang, WANG Yanji   

  1. Hebei Provincial Key Lab of Green Chemical Technology & High Efficient Energy Saving, Hebei University of Technology, Tianjin 300130, China
  • Received:2012-01-05 Revised:2012-08-28 Online:2013-08-28 Published:2013-08-24
  • Supported by:

    Supported by the National Natural Science Foundation of China (20976035, 21076059) and the Natural Science Foundation of Hebei Province (B2010000019).

Abstract: Toluene-2,4-bisurea (TBU) is an important intermediate for urea route to dimethyl toluene-2,4-dicarbamate and the study on TBU synthesis via the reaction of 2,4-toluene diamine (TDA) and urea is of great significance. Firstly, thermodynamic analysis shows that the reaction is exothermic and a high equilibrium conversion of TDA is expected due to its large reaction equilibrium constant. Secondly, under the suitable reaction conditions, 130℃, 7 h, and molar ratio of TDA/zinc acetate/urea/sulfolane 1/0.05/3.5/10, TDA conversion is 54.3%, and TBU yield and selectivity are 39.8% and 73.3% respectively. Lastly, the synthesis of TBU is a 1st order reaction with respect to TDA and the reaction kinetics model is established. This work will provide useful information for commercializing the urea route to toluene-2,4-dicarbamate (TDC).

Key words: 2,4-toluene diamine, urea, toluene-2,4-bisurea, reaction kinetics